5L Issue #035

Networking Gorillas; Porn, Math, Investing and Vaccinating

The right way to cook an omelette..

Perhaps these last few issues have come across as a little bit lonely. A little bit negative. And I don’t want to drive that theme too much further, but I can’t resist linking to this wonderful article by Joan Westenberg. I’ve linked to Joan’s work a few times and while I don’t always agree with what she puts out, sometimes she absolutely nails it.

Similar to her wonderful dialogue on why we should all give up LinkedIn, this post on the poisonous fog lurking amongst every ‘networking’ event pretty-much-ever hit home for me.

So here’s my rule. As much as I love meeting people, online and offline, as much as I love connecting with new souls, I will only meet people who genuinely give a shit about what I do. I will only meet people who want to have a real conversation, get to know me, and let an organic relationship grow.

The planet is pretty small. We can measure how many people are on it. But I don’t want to waste a second on this great big blue rock on people who see me as a dollar sign, a gatekeeper or an opportunity.

Networking is a waste of time

Gotta go to where the audience is..

I loved reading about this 34-year-old calculus teacher that has uploaded hundreds of videos teaching his mathematics onto PornHub. There’s no sex to his methods – aside from the natural sexiness that comes from beautiful elegant numbers that is – he just likes calculus, and he knows many of his students spend a lot of time on that platform, and so that’s where he has published his work.

So far, Changhsu’s plan to garner acclaim has worked well. He has 1.6 million video views on Pornhub and says it directs business to his more profitable online course. “Many students who need a teacher who can teach math know me through Pornhub, and some of them buy my course,” he says. Altogether, his online course pulls in 7,500,000 New Taiwan dollars (over $250,000 U.S.) per year, which he uses to pay his bills and provide a decent salary to his employees, who help him teach on his various platforms.

By and large, the Pornhub community has accepted Changhsu and his lessons. Not only is he a verified Pornhub member, but the comments beneath his videos are mostly wholesome and welcoming. For instance, a user by the name of Hanimechann says, “Thanks, I needed this for my math finals.” Another who goes by RobertsHoles writes, “This guy will do anything to reach his students!”

The determined maths tutor teaching calculus on pornhub

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There’s a plastic tree..


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This Halloween I’m an anti-faxxer and there’s no changing my mind

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