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Angry Amateur Fascists; Graphs with Googly Eyes


Nandi nails it..

Many of you will likely have seen the interaction between Nandi, the rock n roll wunderkind, and Dave Grohl, the rock n roll Großvater, that has been developing via YouTube and other social media this past year.

The short version is that Nandi has had a YouTube channel for some years where she shows off her considerable skills covering various rock songs. And in one video she called out Grohl for a drumming contest. I believe they call that a ‘battle’, in rock n roll terminology. Grohl responded, and the two went back and forth via YouTube. A sort of ‘battle’ of ‘bands’ as it were.

Here’s a few links to follow the progress — link one, link two, link three.

It was adorable.

Anyways, it all culminated this week when Nina came up on stage at a Foo Fighters concert to sing their final song, Everlong. She rocked it.


Drowning in slow motion..

Australia is going through probably the worst of its COVID challenges right now, with NSW, Victoria, and even little ‘ol ACT struggling with Delta outbreaks and lockdowns. And it seems the rhetoric now is moving from ‘COVID-zero’ (i.e. ‘crushing’ the virus, in Sandgroper terms) to now a more 'COVID-not-very-much’ approach. Living with the virus as best we can.

I don’t have a view on the merits of either approach. I just don’t know enough about it all to be able to form one.

But I do have a view on the severe effects of the virus. They are very bad. And very sad. And we should do our best to remember that even if we do transition to a world of living with the virus, and even if we do reach a point where 70% or 80% of the population is vaccinated, there will be people who pick up this thing that get very sick and die. And that will be very sad for all those they are connected with.

This article really brings that home I think.

It becomes harder and harder for you to breathe. “Like drowning,” many patients describe the feeling. The bronchodilator treatments we give you provide little relief. Your oxygen requirements increase significantly, from 4 liters to 15 liters to 40 liters per minute. Little things, like relieving yourself or sitting up in bed, become too difficult for you to do on your own. Your oxygen saturation rapidly declines when you move about. We transfer you to the intensive care unit.

Here’s what the seven stages of severe COVID-19 look like | Los Angeles Times

(I’m sorry I don’t remember who linked this to me - Abandoned Jerks maybe? Let me know if this was you and I’ll give credit)


Getting angry like a pro..

I started a new job recently. When I told a friend that I was really optimistic this might be a long term - perhaps even forever - gig, he quite aptly replied, “that’s nice that you think you can stick around that long without butting heads with anyone and having to leave again.”

It made me laugh. But it’s also very accurate. Sometimes I do get a bit angry and prick’ish.

So this article on how to get angry productively was particularly relevant to me.

We tend to import our modesty from childhood. It’s a privilege to allow a child to manifest their frustration – and not all parents are game. Some are very keen on having a ‘good baby’. They let the infant know from the first that being ‘naughty’ isn’t funny and that this isn’t a family where children are allowed to ‘run rings around’ the adults. Difficult moods and tantrums, complaints and rages are not to be part of the story. This certainly ensures short-term compliance, but paradoxically, preternaturally good behaviour is usually a precursor of bad feelings, and in extremes mental unwellness, in adulthood. Feeling loved enough that one can tell parental figures to sod off and occasionally fling something (soft) across the room belongs to health; truly mature parents have rules and allow their children (sometimes) to break them.

Learning How to Be Angry | The School of Life


Grand plans Gladys..

A number of you will have seen this floating around already - but i thought it was very funny and well put together.

For international subscribers, Gladys Berejiklian is the Premier of New South Wales, which is currently in the midst of its worst COVID lockdown of the Pandemic.


Fun with stats..

Surprisingly effective!


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