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What to Expect

There’s a lot going on in our lives these days. We are bombarded each day by the news, social media feeds, group chats, work Teams and Slacks, and many other channels.

Five Links tries to cut through all that noise by presenting you with an email of curated links at a pace you can keep up with. Every second Friday. Very chill.

We filter things by first asking the question ‘is this interesting?’ and if the answer is no then we do not link to that thing.

We also like to link to things we think our subscribers might not have seen already, and we add a little extra commentary to give each link a personal flavour.

You can have a flick through past Issues to get a feel for if you like our style. And if you find you’ve gone a few weeks without finding any of our links interesting, you can subscribe at any time.

Some Kind Words

Five Links has literally -tens- of happy subscribers. Read what some of them had to say about the newsletter below.

Great newsletter mate. Interesting look into your browser history.

- Happy Subscriber

I just love everything about it. It’s the (sad) highlight of my week.

- Happy Subscriber with a lot going on at home

That [link] was epic! Had a good giggle during an early morning pump …

- Happy new-mother Subscriber

Happy Subscriber 1:Interesting [Five Links] today..

Happy Subscriber 2: They’re all interesting mate!

- Two friends discussing Five Links in their Group Chat.

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The Five Links Team

Ok, you got me. My name is Bennett Green and although I’ve been using the ‘Royal We’ above but in reality it’s just me writing this thing.

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